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TD Bank Affinity Membership Program

The Tapply-Thompson Community Center has been very fortunate to have been the recipient of funds from the TD Bank Affinity Program.  Originally, with the help of Pat Field at the Bristol Branch, we asked people that had accounts to sign up to support the TTCC.  An annual contribution was made to us based on the activity of all participating members’ TD Bank accounts.  This included checking – both business and consumer; Savings; Money Market; CD’s and Retirement.  In 2014 the TTCC received $6,135 with your help.

The Affinity Program has changed since then and we now need to bring in new customer accounts each year in order to be eligible.  All you have to do is open an account and ask that the TTCC be benefited by the Affinity Program.  TD Bank will then make an annual contribution to us based on the activity on all of our participating members’ accounts.

If you have been planning on opening a new account we would ask that you consider doing so soon and requesting that it benefit the TTCC.  Every penny makes a difference to us and it is especially nice that it will not cost you a cent

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