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The Board of Directors for the Tapply-Thompson Community Center want to announce some very exciting news! In March of 2022 the Board held a Strategic Planning Session that brought forth a three-year plan for the organization. The plan included a review of current building needs, a plan for future succession planning and hiring of a Grants & Community Engagement Manager.

As we look to the future of our beloved organization we realized that our current building needs some renovations to better serve our increased programming and activities. Although we do not plan to leave our current building we realized that we need to have an additional space that would include a full size gymnasium, community kitchen, and program spaces. With that in mind the decision was made to purchase property 171 North Main Street that abuts the Newfound Memorial Middle School. We realized that we need this space to be in a location that is walkable for our students and close to Kelley Park and this property serves those needs. We have no current plan for this space other than to secure a site that could accommodate our future needs.

The Board hired Frank Marinace Architects to review our current space and study how we could make it more efficient and have easy access to all three floors. The Architects finished their initial study and presented a plan to the Facilities Committee. A meeting was held with TTCC staff to have their input into our needs. The updated plans have been received and we are ready to start planning the phasing of this momentous building renovation by kicking off a Capital Campaign.

A local benefactor has kicked this off with a donation of $25,000! Their wish is that we can find four additional donors of $25,000 as soon as possible. If we achieve that goal they are going to donate an additional $25,000! All of this has happened in a matter of weeks and we have already had one donor match…only three to go!

All of us at the TTCC are so grateful to live in a community that supports the needs of our local youth and families in so many ways. These endeavors will be challenging, thrilling and have long term benefits to our Newfound community. We are ready to do the work to make this happen and would encourage support and feedback from those interested in being a part of this project. And last, but certainly not least, a huge thank you to our first two donors for believing in our mission.

For more information contact Les Dion at or by phone at 603-744-2713.

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