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Days/Times Grade/Ages Cost
Program currently suspended... check back for updates
Adult $80/mo., drop ins welcome $10/class, 10 class punch card $90 (family discounts available)

Program Description

With Mortensen & McKellar Karate

Program currently suspended… check back for updates

The class curriculum will include a focus on proper punching and kicking techniques for kick boxing, flowing strength and conditioning, and self defense techniques.   All this is based in traditional karate, American kick boxing, and Self-defense techniques.  Bring comfortable work-out clothes and boxing gloves (available for purchase)

Typical Class Format: **Based on 3 minute rounds with 45 second breaks *** As we increase our fitness the round time will increase.

  • Warm-ups / Stretching
  • Flowing strength and conditioning
  • Foot work, punching, and kicking
  • Mitt drills and/or bag work
  • Flowing strength and conditioning
  • Basic self defense drills
  • Repeat until class ends

INSTRUCTORS: Larry Mortensen, Joe McKellar & Theresa Orlowski
COST: $80/mo.; Drop-ins welcome for $10/class; 10 class punch card $90 (family discounts available) – payments / sign up in TTCC office

Our instructors Qualifications:

Larry Mortensen is a fifth-degree black belt, high-ranking competitor in the New England tournament circuit, a head wrestling coach for 4 years, 3 years as a high school assistant wrestling coach, and behavior management specialist.  He has more than a decade of experience training, competing, and teaching in Karate.

Joe McKellar is a second-degree black belt, 3 years as a junior high head wrestling coach and clinical social worker. He has more than a decade of karate experience.

Theresa Orlowski is a third-degree black belt and has been assisting at and teaching classes since 2015.  She has been training and competing in karate for more than 6 years.

**NEW This November, we will also be adding Yoshitsune Combat Ju-jitsu to our kickboxing program on Wednesdays for an emphasis on self defense.  This style is the street-practical version of the ju-jitsu seen in the UFC. Yoshitsune Combat Ju-jitsu techniques are based on dealing quickly with an attacker whereas the sport version is based on grappling on the ground.


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