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Self Defense Class for Women & Teens

Days/Times Grade/Ages Cost
Saturday October 22nd, 4-6pm Women & Teens (ages 14 & up) $50pp

Program Description

Liberty Self Protection gives you the opportunity to take control of your safety and well being. You will gain the necessary tools and training to help you own your power and defend yourself both physically and mentally. Learn empowerment, self-confidence, and safety with a professional instructor with years of experience.

Women’s & Teenage Self Defense: Every year, women across the country face high rates of gender-based violence. These classes help provide a foundation of self defense and situational awareness skills in a safe environment. We focus on self defense that can be used no matter your strength or ability. These classes are designed specifically for women and teenagers age 14 & up (this can be a great introduction to safety for graduating seniors who are heading to college). This class will focus on vulnerabilities specifically related to teens and women as well as general self defense skills to make them feel more secure.

Meet your instructor: Dave Flynn began his self defense journey at the age of 15 when he started boxing and studying martial arts and other forms of self defense. He currently practices at White Mountain Karate under Sensei Christian Maine. Dave is presently a second degree black belt and trains in the art of Uechi-Ryu Karate as well as in the art of blade defense. For questions about class, contact Dave:, 603-731-3111, 

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