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Summer Camp


  • 8/6 Update:
    • MASKS! We have extra masks in the office if your child needs one! We’ve been lucky to receive mask donations from local caring community members!
    • PLAY Schedules: Week 7 / Week 8
    • STREAMS Schedules: Week 7 / Week 8
    • KNOTS Schedules: Week 7 / Week 8
  • 7/31 Update: 
  • 7/11 Update:
  • MENU – starting with bottom menu and then alternating weekly between top & bottom menus
  • 6/26 Update:
  • 6/22 Update:
  • 6/18 Update 2: This is the email that went out today:Hi All – please verify receipt of this email by replying to If we don’t hear, we will try to reach out by phone – please save us some valuable time & reply (after reading the entire email thoroughly)!!!You are receiving this email because we have you on the list for camp at some point this summer. If you are receiving this email but do not plan to send your child – PLEASE CONTACT TTCC OFFICE ASAP so can work that out. If you are unsure of which weeks your child is signed up for – you can log in to your Rec1 Account and check in that way or contact the TTCC office and we can verify for you. Couple important announcements for you in this email…
    1. We have been putting updates on our website here – so please continue to monitor that. You can see an updated staff list there as well:
    2. We will be sending updated TTCC guidelines just as soon as we can – likely sometime mid-week next week. This will be the typical parent manual we put out every summer… except it won’t be typical! It will be the parent manual COVID-19 version! That will lay out for you all the new guidelines and procedures we will have in place this summer. Much of this information is coming directly from the State of NH guidance for daycamps. If you’re interested in reading that – here’s the link: This will tell you much of what we’ll have to do to make camp run successfully. But please realize that when we put out the TTCC guidelines there will be much more specific info relating to exactly how we’ll be running camp this summer. From sign in & sign out to counselor groups to sanitizing and everything in between! When you get that info, please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions.
    3. BREAKFAST & LUNCH – see this year’s menu – click here. We need to know ahead of time if your child will be getting breakfast or lunch – so please, in your reply, let me know if they will need breakfast and/or lunch. Also please indicate if it’s everyday or if you only want it on certain days. The whole breakfast & lunch program will be different this year – in previous years we had it prepared locally at one of the schools – but this year it will be prepared off site and delivered to us.  I need to give them numbers in advance so they can prepare what is needed.
    4. WE WILL BE REQUIRING AN ADDITIONAL WAIVER (specifically related to COVID-19) TO BE SIGNED. We will send this out ahead of time as well and have it available at the TTCC (call ahead to come down).
    5. REQUESTS – part of the new guidelines we will be following includes keeping the campers in the same groups all summer. In PLAY & STREAMS we will have a max of 32 kids broken up into 4 groups of 8 kids each and 2 counselors each. KNOTS will have a max of 18 kids broken up into 2 groups of 9 kids & 1 counselor each. So your kids will be with the same counselors and same campers all summer. We will still find some ways for them to interact with the other counselors as they rotate through activities and still have some full group socially distanced games like relays and such. But for the most part they will be with the same group. So we will take requests – if you have a specific camper you want your child to be with or a specific counselor,  you can let us know and we will TRY to make that happen. THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES!! If everyone requests the same counselor, it just can’t happen – but again, we will try to accommodate if we can. If you have a specific reason for the request, that will help as well as we can determine the importance level of different requests. Feel free to call us on this if you need to.

    Ok – I think that’s it for now! Again, please reply so we know you got this & let us know about breakfast & lunch and if you have a request and also if you have any questions. Also be sure to keep an eye on your emails as that’s our primary means of communications.

    Thanks everyone! Hope you’re all doing well & can’t wait to see everyone soon!!

    Take care,

    Dan MacLean

  • 6/18 Update: We have contacted everyone (we believe! – if you haven’t heard but were interested, let us know). There are some weeks we still have openings. Contact the TTCC office if you want to enroll your child. More info on updated policies and procedures will be coming out prior to camp starting on 6/29.
  • 6/10 Update: We have contacted the first wave of families that we are able to accept in the program. We went through the full list of campers signed up and narrowed the list down to those that still need it the most & will now be going through the next list of those still interested. If you have not heard if you’re child is in or not yet – please contact us ASAP to confirm. If you are not signed up but still need care, contact us to see if we have room. Click on the 6/1 update below for more info on what camp will look like for this summer. More info on policies and procedures will be put out in the coming weeks.
  • Dates for 2020 summer camp: 6/29-8/21

Project PLAY for kids entering grades 1-3
Project STREAMS for kids entering grades 4&5 
Project KNOTS for kids entering grades 6, 7 & 8 

*The registration fee for 2020 will be $20

Camp runs for 8 weeks and the cost is $85/camper/week (there is also a one-time $20 registration fee).  Camp runs 9am-4pm. Scholarships are available to help families with the weekly tuition (registration fee, trips & before/after care are not scholarship eligible)


1 6/29-7/3 no trips no trips no trips
2 7/6-7/10 no trips no trips no trips
3 7/13-7/17* no trips no trips no trips
4 7/20-7/24 no trips no trips no trips
5 7/27-7/31 no trips no trips no trips
6 8/3-8/7 no trips no trips no trips
7 8/10-8/14 no trips no trips
8 8/17-8/21* no trips no trips

PLAY – 2020

2020 STAFF:

Director – Gina Richford
Assistant Director – Rachel Spain
Counselor – Tyler MacLean
Counselor – Julia Coughlin
Counselor – Connor Downes
Counselor – Logan Glidden
Counselor – Julia Huckins
Jr. Counselor – Jeffrey Huckins
CIT – Soraya Glidden

The PLAY camp incorporates Arts & Crafts, Outdoor Games and Activities, Special Events and Theme Days into its daily program.  Project PLAY meets at the Tapply-Thompson Community Center and uses Kelley Park for its outdoor activities.

Campers may pack their own lunches (no glass) or have the lunch that is provided.  Campers should also bring the following; swimsuit, towel, sweatshirt, bug spray, sunscreen, etc.  SNEAKERS must be worn, absolutely no sandals allowed at camp.

PLAY participants are dropped off and picked up at Kelley Park.  In the event of inclement weather, pick up and drop off will both be at the TTCC.  Camp runs 9am-4pm* We will be staggering drop off and pick up times to reduce the number of people picking up and dropping off at the same time – drop off 8:45, 9 & 9:15 and Pick up 3:45, 4 & 4:15. More info coming soon.

STREAMS – 2020

2020 STAFF:

Director – Ethan Pruett
Assistant Director – Erica Cook
Counselor – Brianna Casey
Counselor – Garrett King
Counselor – Reid Wilkins
Counselor – Ryder Downes
Counselor – Bodhi Smith
Counselor – Sabrina Alan
Counselor – Tammy Parent

STREAMS will also use Kelley Park this year and in case of inclement weather they will have use of the Bristol Old Town Hall.  Included in the camp sessions are sports, games, crafts, special events, themes and more!

Campers may pack their own lunches (no glass) or have the lunch that is provided.  Campers should also bring the following; swimsuit, towel, sweatshirt, bug spray, sunscreen, etc.  Sneakers must be worn, absolutely no sandals are allowed at camp.

STREAMS participants get dropped off and picked up at the Middle School.  In the event of inclement weather, drop off & pick up will be at the Bristol Old Town Hall. Camp runs 9am-4pm* We will be staggering drop off and pick up times to reduce the number of people picking up and dropping off at the same time – drop off 8:45, 9 & 9:15 and Pick up 3:45, 4 & 4:15. More info coming soon.

KNOTS – 2020


Master – Matt Seaver
Counselor – Abby Robison
Counselor – Ashley Littlefield

KNOTS program will be based at the Slim Baker Lodge this summer & is designed for older campers to continue their camp experience with exciting new activities and adventures!

Campers may pack their own lunches (no glass) or have the lunch that is provided.  Campers should also bring the following; swimsuit, towel, sweatshirt, bug spray, sunscreen, etc.  Sneakers must be worn, absolutely no sandals are allowed at camp unless otherwise specified by director.

KNOTS participants are dropped off and picked up at the Slim Baker Lodge.  All participants must be dropped off no earlier than 9:00 am, and picked up no later than 4:00 pm as they will only be supervised during  those  hours of camp.


No before or after care for 2020


2019 Menu

2020 program TBD

The TTCC hopes to again offer free breakfast and lunch to all summer camp participants!  Breakfast will be served at the TTCC, downstairs between 8:30-9am each day.  Lunch will also be available on all camp days, served between 11:30am-12:30pm each day.  This program is provided to us through the  Belknap-Merrimack Counties, Inc. Community Action Program.  This is a program of the USDA.  USDA is an equal opportunity provider.


It is the desire of the Tapply-Thompson Community Center Board and staff to make our programs available to all youth in the community.  We realize there are times when paying for a program can be a hardship on a family.  We have created a scholarship application process to be used in these situations.  Contact the TTCC office for details…

It is the policy of the TTCC to charge a fee for camp programs for the express purpose of covering expenses.  It is also our hope that no area children be excluded from participating.  Hence, a scholarship fund and work exchange program have been established in lieu of total payment.  The TTCC tries to keep the cost at a minimum.  The cost of camp in 2018 will be $80/camper/week.

There is a $10 registration fee in addition to the weekly camp fee, which will be used to buy each camper a camp shirt.  The camp shirt will be required for the campers to wear on field trip days so we can keep a better watch on all the children.

Summer Camp Scholarship Fund

There are times that we have Summer Campers that are unable to afford the cost of Camp & Field Trips.  A fund has been established for the purpose of covering these costs in order for the youth to not miss out on these exciting opportunities.  If you would like to donate towards this fund, checks can be made payable to TTCC Camper Fund or on our website PayPal option.  If you make a donation through PayPal please send us an e-mail to let us know it is for this fund.

On behalf of the TTCC Staff & Campers we thank you!


Do not hesitate to contact the TTCC office at (603) 744-2713, or stop in while we are open!

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