Serving the towns of Alexandria, Bridgewater, Bristol, Danbury, Groton, Hebron, Hill & New Hampton...



Days/Times Grade/Ages Cost
Schedule Varies 18 & Up $2 / play or $50 one-time yearly fee

Program Description

Proudly serving the towns of:
Alexandria, Bridgewater, Bristol, Danbury, Groton, Hebron, Hill & New Hampton


This program is for any adults interested in playing from the Newfound Area!  Schedule is subject to change based on location availability and participation levels – contact TTCC to get on email list!

All participants must be registered by contacting the TTCC office.  Pay one-time $50 yearly fee or pay $2 / play


  • Schedule (subject to change):
    • Current pickleball schedule for outdoor play:
      • Played at Kelley Park (inside at TTCC if rain)
      • Mondays, 9-11am: Beginner
      • Tues/Thurs, 8-11am: Intermediate / Open Pickleball
      • Wed/Fri, 9-11am: Advanced / Competitive Pickleball (3.5 & above – see skill level definitions)
    • Typical indoor schedule @ TTCC:
      • Played at TTCC
      • Mondays –
        • 9-11am – beginners
      • Tuesdays & Thursdays –
        • 8-10am booked for private group
        • 10am-12pm – intermediate / open
        • 12-2pm – intermediate / open
      • Wednesdays & Fridays –
        • 8-10am & 10am-12pm – Two groups booked for advanced / competitive play
    • Evening play unavailable during school year inside TTCC
    • No inside play during summer or school vacation days / weeks due to other TTCC programs
    • Contact TTCC to get latest schedule info and be sure you’re on the group contact list!
  • Resources:
  • Registration:
    • Register online – 2 options:
      • Paid membership – pay the $50 for the year at registration OR
      • Open sign up – pay $2 / play each time you play
    • Register in person – complete paper registration form / waiver

If there is a group that wants to set a specific time for pickleball, we can coordinate that – just contact Dan at the TTCC – 744-2713 or  We have portable equipment available at the TTCC.  Stop by if you have a group of players that want to play and borrow it!  

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