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TTCC Summer Camp

Proudly serving the towns of: Alexandria, Bridgewater, Bristol, Danbury, Groton, Hebron, Hill & New Hampton

Messy Day @ Project PLAY

Project KNOTS @ Lonesome Lake


  • TTCC Summer Camp General Info:
  • Registration:
    • Registration opens each year on MARCH 1ST!
      • This year, we had 120 registrations in the first day. STREAMS & KNOTS filled within 36 hours and PLAY filled soon after
      • When registering online – you will:
        • Pay the $20 registration fee
        • Indicate which weeks you are interested in*
          • *You must ADD the individual weeks to your cart when checking out!!
      • Indicate if you need before and/or after care
      • Answer other important registration questions
  • FEES:
    • $20 Registration Fee – to be paid upon registration
    • $100 / week base tuition for the 9am-4pm M-F Day Camp
    • $30 / week additional for the 7-9am M-F Before Camp
    • $20 / week additional for the 4-5:30pm M-F After Camp
    • Field trip fees vary
    • Weekly fees will be billed the Friday prior to be paid online using your Rec1 account
    • Payment may also be made in the TTCC office
    • TTCC has scholarship funds to assist families in need – just contact the office for more info!
  • Camps:
    • Project PLAY for kids entering grades K-2
    • Project STREAMS for kids entering grades 3-5
    • Project KNOTS for kids entering grades 6-8
  • Schedule:
    • Camps will run for 8 weeks, from 6/27-8/19
    • 9am-4pm daily
    • Before (7-9am) & After (4-5:30pm) Care available on a LIMITED basis for an additional fee
    • For tentative field trips, see chart below
    • Info subject to change!
    • Locations for Before (7-9am) & After (4-5:30pm) Camp Sign in & Sign out are:
      • PLAY – downstairs in TTCC Basement
      • STREAMS – upstairs in TTCC, top floor
      • KNOTS – main floor, gameroom in TTCC (*upstairs with STREAMS in after camp)
    • Locations for Regular Camp (9am-4pm) Sign in & Sign out
      • PLAY – Kelley Park Playground area (inside TTCC if raining)
      • STREAMS – Kelley Park Softball Field area by bus yard / NMMS (inside Bristol’s Historic Town Hall if raining)
      • KNOTS – NMMS Parking Lot (rain or shine!)

*This is the TENTATIVE schedule… Trips are subject to change!
*UPDATED 4/8/22

1 6/27-7/1 Polar Caves Mel’s Funway Park Chucksters
2 7/5-7/8 (no camp on 7/4) Cowabunga Whale’s Tale & Overnight* at Round Top Mt. Cardigan Hike & Overnight
3 7/11-7/15 Stone Zoo & Overnight* @ TTCC Lost River Wallis Sands
4 7/18-7/22 VINS Nature Center Moose Brook & Mt. Washington Overnight Lonesome Lake AMC Hut Overnight
5 7/25-7/29 Flume VINS Nature Center Whales Tale
6 8/1-8/5 Franklin Falls Dam Funtown & Overnight* at Pawtuckaway Welch & Dickey Hike / Overnight at Round Top
7 8/8-8/12 Storyland & Overnight* at TTCC Cannon Mountain & Flume VINS Nature Center
8 8/15-8/19 Montshire Museum Montshire Museum & Overnight* Artists Bluff & Overnight on Cliff Island

*Overnight trips typically have early pick-ups the next day. Camper pick-up for overnights at TTCC / Round top will be 9am & pick up for other trips may be earlier as well.


Office – Leslie Dion & Dan MacLean
Arts & Crafts – Jennifer Flood
Transportation – John Fleming

PLAY – 2022

Director – Gina Richford
Assistant Director / Lifeguard – Rachel Spain
Counselor – Connor Downes
Counselor – Logan Glidden
Counselor – Jeffrey Huckins
Counselor – Soraya Glidden
Counselor – Wyatt Day
Counselor – Samantha Liardo
Counselor – Abigail Bauer

The PLAY camp incorporates Arts & Crafts, Outdoor Games and Activities, Special Events and Theme Days into its daily program.  Project PLAY meets at the Tapply-Thompson Community Center and uses Kelley Park for its outdoor activities.

Campers may pack their own lunches (no glass) or have the lunch that is provided.  Campers should also bring the following; swimsuit, towel, sweatshirt, bug spray, sunscreen, etc.  SNEAKERS must be worn, absolutely no sandals allowed at camp.

PLAY participants are dropped off and picked up at Kelley Park.  In the event of inclement weather, pick up and drop off will both be at the TTCC.

STREAMS – 2022

Director – Abby Robison
Assistant Director – Mikayla Royea
Counselor – Ryder Downes
Counselor – Tammy Parent
Counselor – Mackensie Littlefield
Counselor – Ben Laplume
Counselor – Sabrina Alan
Counselor – Tyler MacLean
Counselor – William Shoopman
Aide – Sophia Jean

STREAMS will also use the Slim Baker Lodge & Round Top area often as well as Kelley Park/TTCC and in case of inclement weather they will have use of the Bristol Old Town Hall.  Included in the camp sessions are sports, games, crafts, special events, themes and more!

Campers may pack their own lunches (no glass) or have the lunch that is provided.  Campers should also bring the following; swimsuit, towel, sweatshirt, bug spray, sunscreen, etc.  Sneakers must be worn, absolutely no sandals are allowed at camp.

STREAMS participants get dropped off and picked up at Kelley Park (just beyond tennis courts.  In the event of inclement weather, drop off & pick up will be at the Bristol Old Town Hall.

KNOTS – 2022

Director – Julia Coughlin, “Captain”
Counselor – Garrett King
Counselor – Bodhi Smith
Counselor – Julia Huckins
Counselor – Teagan Gilpatric

KNOTS program  is designed for older campers to continue their camp experience with exciting new activities and adventures!

Campers may pack their own lunches (no glass) or have the lunch that is provided.  Campers should also bring the following; swimsuit, towel, sweatshirt, bug spray, sunscreen, etc.  Sneakers must be worn, absolutely no sandals are allowed at camp unless otherwise specified by director.

KNOTS participants are dropped off and picked up at the Newfound Memorial Middle School parking lot.  All participants must be dropped off no earlier than 9:00 am, and picked up no later than 4:00 pm unless they are enrolled in the before or after camp program.


The TTCC hopes to again offer free breakfast and lunch to all summer camp participants!  Breakfast will be served at the TTCC in before camp each day. There will also be breakfasts available for campers not in before camp program. Lunch will be available on all camp days, served between 11:30am-12:30pm each day.  This program is provided to us through the  Belknap-Merrimack Counties, Inc. Community Action Program.  This is a program of the USDA.  USDA is an equal opportunity provider.


It is the desire of the Tapply-Thompson Community Center Board and staff to make our programs available to all youth in the community.  We realize there are times when paying for a program can be a hardship on a family.  We have created a scholarship application process to be used in these situations.  Contact the TTCC office for details…

It is the policy of the TTCC to charge a fee for camp programs for the express purpose of covering expenses.  It is also our hope that no area children be excluded from participating.  Hence, a scholarship fund and work exchange program have been established in lieu of total payment.  The TTCC tries to keep the cost at a minimum.

There is a $10 registration fee in addition to the weekly camp fee, which will be used to buy each camper a camp shirt.  The camp shirt will be required for the campers to wear on field trip days so we can keep a better watch on all the children.

Summer Camp Scholarship Fund

There are times that we have Summer Campers that are unable to afford the cost of Camp & Field Trips.  A fund has been established for the purpose of covering these costs in order for the youth to not miss out on these exciting opportunities.  If you would like to donate towards this fund, checks can be made payable to TTCC Camper Fund or on our website PayPal option.  If you make a donation through PayPal please send us an e-mail to let us know it is for this fund.

On behalf of the TTCC Staff & Campers we thank you!


Do not hesitate to contact the TTCC office at (603) 744-2713, or stop in while we are open!

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