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Letter from Director


 This is my first newsletter “message”! The first thing I thought of was—how do we get more kids involved in our youth sports program? We seem to be having a decline in participation over the past several years and other rec departments we work with are seeing this trend as well. Here at the TTCC, we offer several different sports for kids ages 3 & up to participate in throughout the year. In the fall we have soccer & field hockey, the winter is time for basketball and then spring time we have baseball, softball, t-ball & track and field. We highly encourage children to participate in a wide variety of sports & activities as several studies show that specialization in a one sport can lead to injury and burn-out. The TTCC sports are open to any kids in the Newfound Area from beginners up to kids with years of

experience. We will do our best to split them up on to even teams and we also try to accommodate any requests if they have a friend they want to play with to make them more comfortable or need help with rides, etc. So WHY should they play? There are so many reasons! Some that come to mind are: They will be physically active, they will get to meet new friends, sports can help boost self esteem, they will learn about team work & dedication, and the list of benefits goes on and on…

We also encourage the adults to get involved in coaching. Words from past coaches on why they coach: “Because it gets me more involved in my community,” “I get satisfaction watching a kid grow in ability and confidence,” “Because I care…”.

As your family settles back into the school year routine, think about getting more involved in your community and the local youth sports opportunities available!


Below, enjoy some “old” pictures that we believe truly capture what youth sports are all about!

– Team, Friendship, Fun

– Focus, Determination

– Confidence, Dedication, Accomplishment

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