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Teen Council

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Proudly serving the towns of:
Alexandria, Bridgewater, Bristol, Danbury, Groton, Hebron, Hill & New Hampton


General Description: The TTCC teams up with NRHS to form the TTCC Teen Council at the beginning of each school year and they meet regularly throughout the school year.  They help plan & lead many of the different TTCC events & activities – such as Parent’s Night Out, Teen Dances & the Halloween Haunted Basement.  You’ll also see them helping coach & sponsor youth sports teams, set up Santa’s Village, help our One Stop X-Mas Shop shoppers & much, much, more!   This great group has done a tremendous job getting involved and making a difference here at the TTCC.  Not only do they help with events and programs—they also have raised funds for a new water bubbler, new gym mats & the gym renovation project for the TTCC!  More info on getting involved will be available at school.

2022-23 Teen Council:

Advisors –

  • Regina Richford
  • Mikayla Royea

Officers –

  • Soraya Glidden, Co-President
  • Ben Laplume, Co-President
  • Jeffrey Huckins, Vice President
  • Lauren Page, Secretary
  • Mika Austin, Treasurer

Members –

  • Addie Alpers
  • Will Bednaz
  • Karma Burrows-Buzzotta
  • Broderick Edwards
  • Coretta Egan
  • Logan Hinton
  • Ceili Irving
  • Sophia Jean
  • Isabella Laplume
  • Tara Ness
  • Isaac Robert
  • Isadora Robert
  • Trevor Sanschagrin
  • Kylee Stevenson
  • Beckett Van Lenten

Contact Gina at the TTCC if you have any questions! 744-2713,

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