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Teen Council

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Proudly serving the towns of:
Alexandria, Bridgewater, Bristol, Danbury, Groton, Hebron, Hill & New Hampton


General Description: The TTCC teams up with NRHS to form the TTCC Teen Council at the beginning of each school year and they meet regularly throughout the school year.  They help plan & lead many of the different TTCC events & activities – such as Parent’s Night Out, Teen Dances & the Halloween Haunted Front Yard.  You’ll also see them helping coach & sponsor youth sports teams, set up Santa’s Village, help our One Stop X-Mas Shop shoppers & much, much, more!   This great group has done a tremendous job getting involved and making a difference here at the TTCC.  Not only do they help with events and programs—they also have raised funds for a new water bubbler, new gym mats & the gym renovation project for the TTCC!  More info on getting involved will be available at school.

2023-2024 Important Information/Documents:


Important Dates till Dec 2023

Member Expectations

2023-24 Teen Council:

Advisors –

  • Regina Richford
  • Mikayla Royea

Officers –

President- Soraya Glidden

Vice President- Lauren Page

Secretary- Kat Egan

Treasurer- Mika Austin

Members –

Aria Fortune Addie Alpers Reece Cutting Cora Sanschagrin Coretta Egan
Adara Glidden Grant LeMieux Isadora Roberts Ceili Irving Jayden Gilpatric
Contessa Ross Will Bednaz Isaac Roberts Isa Laplume

Contact Gina at the TTCC if you have any questions! 744-2713,

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