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June Cash Calendar Winners

  • 1st, $50: Nick Cousins (#3001)
  • 2nd, $50: Deb Blouin (#3163)
  • 3rd, $25: Jacob Reed (#1529)
  • 4th, $25: Pam Robinson (#3044)
  • 5th, $50: Colleen Tanguay (#1810)
  • 6th, $25: Jacob Reed (#1534)
  • 7th, $25: Tim Fredette (#596)
  • 8th, $50: John Nesteruk (#0886)
  • 9th, $50: Nancey Reed (#1358)
  • 10th, $25: Charlene Ferland (#2016)
  • 11th, $25: Chris & Lauren Woolsey (#3433)
  • 12th, $50:
  • 13th, $25:
  • 14th, $25:
  • 15th, $50:
  • 16th, $50:
  • 17th, $25:
  • 18th, $25:
  • 19th, $50:
  • 20th, $25:
  • 21st, $25:
  • 22nd, $50:
  • 23rd, $50:
  • 24th, $25:
  • 25th, $25:
  • 26th, $50:
  • 27th, $25:
  • 28th, $75:
  • 29th, $150:
  • 30th, $500:

2023-24 Supporter’s Newsletter

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The TTCC could not be where we are without all of you!

Included in this newsletter is information about how to donate to the TTCC, lists of our past supporters, a 2023 year in review, and all of our lovely TTCC/BRAC Staff members!

You will notice a few new ways to donate. You can now make a gift of securities/stock transfers! We also now have a QR Code that you are able to scan and it will bring you straight to our donation page online!

Thank you so much to everyone that gives – you help make everything that happens here at the TTCC possible!

2023-24 Supporters Newsletter

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Parent Education Classes

Parent education programs are offered on a variety of topics and range from one-time workshops to multi-week series. Programs provide parents an opportunity to answer questions and develop new skills in a supportive and confidential environment.  Classes are currently being held via Zoom, Click Here for our current schedule.  Most classes are offered free of charge. On-going support groups may also be offered. To get more information on session dates, please call Tricia T. at (603) 528-0391 or email

“… I loved every class.  I had a safe place to grow.”  Parent Education participant

Tricia Tousignant
Parent Education Manager
Family Resource Center of Central NH
Lakes Region Community Services
(603) 528-0391

Autism Support Group

Meets on the first Monday of each month from 7-8pm and/or on the third Wednesday of each month from 1-2pm.

This is an open monthly peer support group for parents, caregivers and grandparents of children with Autism or children who you suspect may have Autism.  These facilitated meetings bring caregivers together to share experience, wisdom and community.  Attend sessions during the day, in the evening or both. 

 NAMI-NH Lakes Region Parent & Caregiver Group

For scheduling information, please email

Do you struggle with your child’s or teen’s behavior?  Join this monthly peer support group, facilitated by the Family Resource Center and NAMI NH.  Learn and share strategies for dealing with challenging behaviors, find out about resources that are available to help you, and meet other families who understand your situation…you are not alone in this journey.

 Kinship Caregiver Support Group

Meets on the last Monday of each month from 12:00-1:00pm.

Parenting is tough; parenting a second time can be even harder. This group aims to bring grandparents and other relative caregivers together to celebrate successes, mourn losses, problem solve for the hard times, and give support to one another. We hope you can join us to hear from other kinship caregivers and learn more about resources and opportunities that are available in your community.  This program is sponsored by the Family Resource Center of Central NH and the Greater Tilton Area Family Resource Center.

Family Ties Inside Out Support Group

Dates/Times vary based on age of participants.  For scheduling information, please email

Children of incarcerated parents and their caregivers need to know they are not alone!  Join us for a safe place to feel supported, offer understanding to others, process feelings, and learn how to cope with them.  Children’s groups will do all of this through games, stories, and other playful activities.  All support groups will be held via Zoom.  All participants will receive a $20 Walmart gift card for each session they attend.  Separate support groups exist for: Children ages 3-4, Children ages 5-9, Middle School (ages 10-13), High School (ages 14-18) and Caregivers. 

Stand Up Newfound (S.U.N.)

Newfound Area Drug Awareness Coalition
of the Central New Hampshire Newfound Lake Region
mostly serving Bristol, Alexandria, Bridgewater, Hebron, Groton, Hill, Danbury, New Hampton

S.U.N currently meets quarterly at the TTCC (Alexandria Village School if TTCC not available)
The current scheduled meeting dates for 2024 are:

  • March 7th
  • June 6th
  • September 5th
  • December 5th

Current S.U.N. Flyer

NAR-Annon (currently not being offered, but listed below are a few resources for those who may need them!)

Job Openings @ the TTCC

Interested in becoming an afterschool or camp counselor? Please complete the Employment Application & submit to the TTCC Office

Job Applications can be e-mailed or sent by mail to: TTCC, 30 North Main Street,  Bristol, NH  03222

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